Wednesday, December 27, 2006

80s night

Me and Leese and Donna went down the 80s night at the Broadstairs pavillion last night there were more bouncers than punters what a washout. There werent more than 30 people there most of them looked like they were on pensions.

Leese made me laugh she said it was supposed to be a night of 80s music not a night of music for people in their 80s!!!!

XXX Fran

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bloody jehovah's witnesses

Went down Harpers the wine bar in Broadstairs after work with some of the girls. They really need to do something about their toilets or should I say toilet theres only one and the place was rammed. I would have gone in the courtyard if it hadnt been full of guys with their johnsons out relieving themselves on the shrubbery.

Then Jason from work turned up and we had a bit of a pash session well actually a bit more than that hes still here. If it wasnt for some bloody Jehovahs witnesses ringing my bell at 8 oclock in the shitting morning he would have rung mine for the third time!!!!

XXX Fran

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fancy a bit of stuffing???

So the toads are at their Dads for Christmas now and theres me lumbered with a 10 pound turkey from Asda. Santa had better turn up in his bright red Beemer and fancy a bit of breast or leg or stuffing or I'm up shit creek!!!

XXX Fran

Monday, December 18, 2006

Office partee!

Only just getting over the effects of the office party on Friday. I dont think Leanne will thank me for putting this piccie up here but she was legless and knickerless she really shouldnt have tried the limbo dancing!!!! Its not a good idea to go commando to the office bash!!!

I got to snog Kevin our Regional Manager so that wont have done my promotion chances any harm!

XXX Fran

Friday, December 15, 2006

Not bothered

On second thoughts Im not bothered about what Kevin or Mr Creepy says Im going to carry on in my own sweet way. Its a girl's prerogertive to change her mind!!! Is that how you spell prerogertive?

XXX Fran

Thursday, December 7, 2006

No more blog

Had lunch with Kevin our Regional Manager yesterday he says this blog's got to go. Some guy rang him anonymously to tell him I was a disgrace to the firm, probably the woman-hater who's been calling me a SLUT and BITCH or maybe that gay guy who's got a thing about the word faggot.

Kevin couldnt give a shit about that as I'm one of his best negotiators he'd be more concerned if I gave away any confidential info which I havent. No he's more worried that this person could be one of those creeps who stalks female estate agents like that Mr Kipper and he doesnt want any trouble like having to call the cops but he might have to now this creep knows where I work.

So sorry dudes but I'll leave this up for a few days and then it'll be AMF! Nice knowing you all.

XXX Fran.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Crap men, crap weekend

The toads were with their dad this weekend so I went on a bit of a crawl with Leese and the gang on Saturday night there are some really crap men in Thanet! One guy who looked like he'd just been released from some kind of hostel thought it would impress me if he spilt my drink all over me and then offer to buy me another. I told him to stick it.

There must be some decent guys out there I just dont seem to go to the same places they do, or maybe they've all been snapped up already?

Saturday, December 2, 2006

A new me!

So I've done what any woman would do after all that trauma and had a bit of a makeover. Here's another of those photos Dave took of me he's really rather good although most of the time he takes photos of properties for us at the real estate agents. He can make even the shittiest property look like a million bucks but he's not done that with me I hasten to add I'm the real deal!

I also got Leese to show me how to alter a few things on the blog like make it more like my favourite color Ferrari Red! Ive also added some links to people who've commented here just to show Im a good sport and actually I dont give a damn so you can all kiss my ass!!!