Friday, December 15, 2006

Not bothered

On second thoughts Im not bothered about what Kevin or Mr Creepy says Im going to carry on in my own sweet way. Its a girl's prerogertive to change her mind!!! Is that how you spell prerogertive?

XXX Fran


Rumplestiltskin said...

Good on ya, Fran.

We've fought for years to maintain our rights to free speech; exercise that right in any way you seem fit. Don't let Mr Creepy or any other misguided, self-righteous twats take that away.

Go Fra-nny
Go Fra-nny
Go Fra-nny... ad infinitum :)

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Go for it Franny.

Listen - why not pop along to Deadwood, sorry Southwood on Boxing Day to watch the mighty Margate FC crush the Rams?

I'll buy you a Babycham at half-time.

Ramsgate v Margate

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I couldn't resist this

Frannie post

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Blasted html again.

Do me a favour just go to My Rant Blog

Frances Oapen said...

What could be better than football followed by the possibility of a shag afterwards? If your a guy that is!!!!

Im washing my hair, sweetheart.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Wow - I've gone all weak at the knees!

You may leave a message for me. There's a number on a certain website. My secretarial staff will assist you.

Frances Oapen said...

And then Ive got to dry it.

thanetbloglist said...

We thought you'd disappeared but you're back so you've have been added to the Thanet Blog List.

Good Luck.

P.S. If you could add a link we'd be very grateful...

The Angina Monologues said...

Aha you're back my lovely. Forget that bloke in the suit, come for a ride on my Rhino! I'll put the blues and twos on for you!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I do casual as well.

The Angina Monologues said...

Can't you see she's not interested? She's washing her hair, AND drying it.

I'm sure she'd prefer the more mature type.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Hey there's mature and there's past it.


(Franny has now been added to Lady Ellee's blog)

Justin Brown said...

Dear oh dear, Jeremy, you really can't see when you're getting the brush-off, can you!
You also appear to have limited vision when it comes to the level of interest that is, generally, held in your drivel.
Bearing in mind my lack of interest in the peniley challenged sex and your lack of luck with them, perhaps we should meat-up sometime and see if we can't thrash things out?

Glad to see that you've decided to stay, Fran. Big up your blog!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Looks like Frannie has some more unwanted attention. This time from a queer plagiarist.

Justin Brown said...

You HAVE to be putting this on, Jeremy, sweetheart.
Noone could possibly be that dim without making a concerted effort.
Do you mind if I call you Tim, as it does kind of suit you?