Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Extra Bit

I forgot to mention, I work in as a negotiator in an estate agents on the island. I'm not allowed to tell you which one as there are all sorts of rules and regulations about that sort of thing these days, but we're doing pretty well.

And the most important thing - I'm single and looking! So if there are any honeys out there who are looking for a nice double-fronted in Ramsgate, or even a two up, two down, let me know!


Lucy Mail said...

I read your profile and don't worry lovey, people sometimes call me fat too but I'm just big boned.
You do have an unusual surname. That's nothing to do with motherboards, is it?

Frances Oapen said...

Hello Lucy. You're my first commentator, how exciting! Shame you're not a fella.

The surname comes from the States, my Dad's American. Don't know what you mean by motherboards. Are you a mum?

Nice to meet you anyhow.