Friday, November 17, 2006


Thank god it's Friday I always look forward to the weekend. I've got tomorrow off but on Sunday I'm doing viewings. I've got a babysitter for tonight so I'll be doing the usual crawl of all the hotspots with the girls, I think we're going to start at Churchills or maybe end up there I'll have to check with Lisa.

Toad 1 and Toad 2 are almost old enough to look after themsleves and they get a bit annoyed these days when Sharon comes round to look after them. I think Toad 1 has secretly got a crush on her because he goes red whenever he sees her.


legs akimbo said...

Whoa! Franny Oapen?!?! Are you serious???

Frances Oapen said...

Listen Mr Akimbo if that really is your name which I seriously doubt, my name is quite common in Connecticut where my folks are from. And another thing, don't call me Franny,

Unless your a gorgeous property developer with a Merc? Your not are you?