Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I'm new to blogging, but lots of people tell me it's quite easy really, so here goes.

My name is Frances Oapen, but my friends call me Fran. I live in Ramsgate in Kent. I'm thirty-hum-ti-tum years old, and the single mother of two - Toad 1 and Toad 2. My absolute fave colour is red, as you can see in this pic my photographer friend Dave took a couple of years ago.

That's about it really. Look forward to hearing from you all!!!


Jeremycj said...

OK so you don't work for Jesse Holness!

Actually, me ol' fruitbat, one is meant to have an e-mail so one can correspond with one. Nah wot I mean?

Eastcliffe Richard has my details. More sont ici....


Frances Oapen said...

Hello saucy. Are you in the property game too?

I could show you round a couple of prime sites if you are.

Only kidding, you're not my type. But nice to meet you anyway.

Jeremycj said...


"Not your type" Huh!

Not so "Oapen" is one!!

You're let off on this occasion. Don't upset me again. Haven't been blown out by a Ramsgit bird since 1973. Now what was the name of that disco?