Sunday, November 19, 2006

I think I'm in Love!!!!

So me and Leese and some of the other girls ended up in Chruchills on Friday night and guess what??? I got chatting to this hunk of spunk who said he owns one of those mansions on the cliff top and has wads of money and a 5 Series Beemer!

We had a bit of a pash, tongues only I'm not the sort of girl to do the full monty on the first date you understand and we arranged to meet again next week as he got into his N reg 205 (he's borrowing his mum's car while his Beemer's in for a service).

Fab or what?!?


Eastcliff Richard said...

I'd just like to make it clear it wasn't me, Fran old gal.

Frances Oapen said...

What a shame are you sure he looked a bit like your piccy??

Lucy Mail said...

I have a friend that drives an N reg 205. Well, I say friend but he does have this irritating habit of lying to potential suitors about where he lives, what he drives and the size of his wedge.
Hope it's not the same guy, otherwise your disappointment is unlikely to end there. Apart from the 205, he also drives an N gauge penis.

Frances Oapen said...

Do I detect a streak of jealosuy? Or is it just streaky bacon darling????

The Angina Monologues said...

I could give you a demonstration of the correct use of a truncheon and helmet if you like.

Lucy Mail said...

If, by jealosuy, you mean jealousy, (ie, someone else has something that I would like to have. Perhaps a Mercedes, a mansion or loads of money) then I'd suggest that your motive detector isn't triangulating properly and would recommend that you look a little closer to home.
As for the streaky bacon, well I do favour a high saturated fat diet so you could be sniffing something there. But I do get the feeling that you like a bit of pork, yourself.
Or is it the packaging that you go for?

Frances Oapen said...

You're right!!!! I especially like pork sausages but I prefer the gourmet variety something like Tescos finest.

The thicker the better when it coomes to sausages don't you think?

Lucy Mail said...

Well yes, but I like them firm, not floppy.
I'm not all that keen on the ones that shrivel up as soon as they hit hot fat, either!