Thursday, November 16, 2006

Yummy Mummy

It's a bit quiet here in the office today. I'm so excited though because I've had my first comment on my blog, and I've been to a couple of other blogs and left comments too.

I don't mind it here in the office as I get quite a lot of attention from the 20-something lads who make comments about yummy mummies and women in their dirty thirties although I prefer older men really, preferably with lots of money and of course a Beemer or a Merc. And if he's a property investor looking to market his 5 bed Victorian I'm always more than happy to handle him, especially if he's got a large extension if you know what I mean (what AM I like!!!!)


Lucy Mail said...

Wardrobe happy?

Closet gay?

Chest good fun?

Frances Oapen said...

The only furniture I get excited about is beds, darling!

Have you ever thought oabout plastic surgery? I know a good one in Poland.

Frances Oapen said...

Sorry that sounds a bit bitchy I'm sure thats not how you really look.

Lucy Mail said...

Quite so.
I'll have you know that I'm nowhere near as pretty as my picture portrays!

Frances Oapen said...

MIne doesnt do me justice either.